Santa Rosa, CA

Founder’s Letter

It was in the summer of 2014 while visiting the East African nation of Eritrea when the idea of trying to help a developing country through the donation of medical supplies first began. It was there that I witnessed the passing of my uncle in a hospital that was ill equipped to care for his stroke. This left me to wonder if his death could have been prevented if the hospital had the necessary medical supplies to provide the best care possible for his condition. This, combined with my experiences as a third year medical student at UCSF witnessing perfectly good medical supplies being thrown out because of lack of storage or updated models being purchased, drove me to start a nonprofit to help those in situations like my uncle.

I, along with the Board of Directors, named the nonprofit Supply the Change. The specific aim of which is to gather surplus and unused medical supplies from local healthcare institutions to be used by hospitals in underserved countries and communities. This will in turn improve inpatient and outpatient care.

We have decided to pick a country every five years. We believe five years is an ample amount of time to not only provide the necessary medical supplies, but to also establish a stable program for proper allocation of resources to the major and rural hospitals in each country. The first country we will be supporting will be announced by the end of November.

We humbly request your support to ensure a successful first mission.


Tomas Tesfasilassie
CEO, Chairperson, and Founder