Santa Rosa, CA

The Board

Tomas Tesfasilassie is the founder of Supply The Change. He graduated with a degree in Neurobiology Physiology and Behavior from UC Davis and is now a fourth year Medical Student at UCSF. He plans on taking a year off to pursue a Masters in Public Health emphasis on Health Policy at Harvard University. Above all his academic accomplishments, Tomas is most proud of his drive and desire to help those who are underserved. His leadership has allowed us to get this far and will allow us to reach heights we can only dream of.
Meet Misgana Habtezion, she currently serves on the Board of Directors as our Vice Chair. She is an alumna of Sacramento State University with a degree in Business Management, concentration in Accountancy. Misgana volunteered abroad during 2016 but didn't feel that was enough or the extent of her capabilities. Through her involvement with Supply the Change she hopes to reach further and through this partnership, she is sure to do so.
Makda Medhanie serves as the Secretary of the board. She is a currently a first year Master of Public Health student at George Washington University, where her concentration is on Global Health Program Design, Monitoring, and Evaluation. She looks forward for the opportunity to integrate her academic background with the role she serves with the organization.
Mo is a jack of all trades. When it comes to endeavors, he tries to fill his plate. He got his start as a content creator and interviewer for an Radio Station. He's a co-owner of Promotions Company, where he coordinates massive events and handles the booking aspect as well. He has also touched the tech space through his work with EA Apps, a company that specializes in making public figures more accessible through special personalized apps. Mo looks to attack each project he signs onto with every ounce of enthusiasm and professionalism that he possesses. To him, anything less than 100% is unacceptable. He understands that opportunity may be fleeting, so he feels it's integral to put his all into whatever's in front of him.
Senhit Michael holds the position as our Community Relations. Senhit has a passion to be involved in the health world and is furthering her education in the medical field. Already being a local community member in Oakland, she has joined our team to be a helping hand to the rest of the world.